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Friday, February 26, 2010

New Capital Added

New capital was added for the account. This amount pushes up the level of cash allows the account to increase the level of trading. The account now will be able to either purchase another amount of shares and sell more calls, or the account will purchase shares of a higher priced stock. Either of these actions will increase the profits for the account.

One determining factor is whether or not the current stock being traded ends up above or below the strike price when the March call expires.

- This information is not to be used as a recommendation to buy or sell. It is simply information (and sometimes opinions) given to the reader of this blog. Before investing, please consult a financial professional. This blog takes no responsibility for any losses or gains occurred from trades that use its material.

- The account does not fully divulge all information on open trades. This is for protection of the trade. When the trade on a particular stock ends, the account will give out the rest of the details (stock name, price purchased, call purchased, news on company/ETF, chart info, etc.) Please feel free to ask questions and the account will answer them the best way possible can without endangering the trade. If you have any info regarding call selling, be sure to comment or send an email.

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