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Friday, November 18, 2011 webinar on weekly options has provided Sell The Call with message about a webinar on weekly options that they are hosting. Details of the message are below. Please check with with any questions or comments.

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Come experience the Wonderful World of Weeklys!

Weekly options are the hottest part of options trading today.

One word to describe them: AMAZING

By Selling Weekly options you can get DOUBLE premiums (*) in 
the same timeframe, compared to standard "monthly" option selling.

(*) Sometimes you can get more than double, sometimes less.

WEEKLY options are part of our "seatbelt investing" service.

Weekly options are posted each Thursday, and expire in
only one (1) week!

Weekly options expire quickly, and their value erodes
rapidly...making them excellent candidates for SELLING.

And when you SELL options, you collect premium (cash).

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