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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10 $10.00 - $12.50 Covered Call Opps

Sell The Call Newsletter
Where finding stock to sell calls builds wealth
Volume I Issue 8

Disclaimer: This newsletter is information and is not to be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell any of the below securities. The responsibility for making that decision lies with the investor or trader. Please contact your own personal financial representative before making any trades or investments using the information from this newsletter. Sell The Call will notify readers what relationship it has with any of the securities listed below.

Sell The Call Newsletter notifies investors and traders of stocks that contain a higher than normal value to out of the money call options.  Selling calls against stock owned will create income and lower the cost basis for your stock position. Selling calls against stock can be looked at as adding a dividend to your position.

The following Spread Sheet contains stocks that Sell The Call has found to be call selling targets due to the high valuation of the call option to its corresponding stock price. If you or someone you know owns over 100 shares in the following stocks, selling calls might be an option to increase income and lower the cost basis of the stock.

Here is the August 10, 2011 report of stocks that were found in the $10.00 - $12.50 range.  If you trade or invest in this stock, please shoot us an email at and let us know what you know about the stock. If you know of others that trade this stock, let them know that it has come up on Sell The Call’s radar.

Company Name
Stock Symbol
 Stock Price
Call Option Name
Option Symbol
Expiration Date
 Call Bid Price
Alcoa Aluminum
 $        11.71
Sep $12.00
 $               0.70
Own shares sold Sep $12.00 Call
Clean Energy Fuels
 $        11.91
Sep $12.00
 $               1.00
Kindred Healthcare
 $        12.35
Sep $12.50
 $               0.80
 $        11.81
Sep $12.00
 $               0.76
Has closed trades

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