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Sunday, September 26, 2010

3 Weeks to go on Exas trade

There are three weeks remaining on the current EXAS trade. The stock is currently in the money since the strike price of the calls sold is $5.00. The company will be presenting at the JMP Securities Healthcare Conference this week.

The stock is currently at $6.67. This is at 52 week highs. The volume last week was consistently over the average. There was no coverage news this past week.

The price of the bid on the option is priced at $1.65, which is almost exactly at the current stock price minus the strike price. This means there is no more time value left of the stock.

Because the the call price matches the stock price minus the strike price, it is simply a waiting game to watch simply whether or not the stock will stay above the strike price. The stock would have to lose over 20% of its current value to get below the strike price.

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